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A.R.Beauty by Alice Rowland

My name is Alice Rowland, I am a young African girl, from Los Angeles, California. Every obstacle and tribulation I went through brought my dream into existence. Looking back, when I first received my cosmetology license in 2015; I was clueless on what I really wanted to do. Being behind the chair was not it for me. I always loved makeup and the artistry behind it. 

However, I've always felt limited whenever I would go shopping for makeup. Especially after I developed a severe case of adult acne. I realized how many harsh chemicals that was included in makeup. So, I wanted to change that and create a formula that was dedicated to nourishing the skin underneath. I researched natural ingredients that I knew would impact our skin in a healthy way.


I made a commitment to live a healthy lifestyle which included what I applied to my skin. Anyone with skin issues and enjoys the way makeup glides onto a smooth surface will understand how imperative it is to take care of our skin in everyway possible. 

A.R. Beauty as Alice Rowland Beauty is dedicated to healthy living so we call ourselves "The Beauty That Nourishes." 

© 2019, A.R.Beauty by Alice Rowland