A.R.Beauty by Alice Rowland

My name is Alice Rowland, I am a young African girl, from Los Angeles, California. Every obstacle and tribulation I went through brought my dream into existence. Looking back, when I first received my cosmetology license in 2015; I was clueless on what I really wanted to do. All I knew is I love to create looks and express myself through those looks.

So I picked up a 9-5 and let fear suffocate my passion for years.

However, I've always felt limited whenever I would go shopping for makeup. I struggled with finding colors that would compliment my skin tone and type. So, I developed a goal to create formulas that would compliment all skin types and tones. So everyone can enjoy the fun. 

The process it took to produce A.R. BEAUTY was no joke! But, the satisfaction from the outcome overrides every sacrifice it took to finally bring my dream into reality. 

A.R. Beauty as Alice Rowland Beauty is dedicated to compliment all Queens and Kings! So everyone can enjoy the fun! 

© 2019, A.R.Beauty by Alice Rowland